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Inclusive Teacher Education

Special Interest Group

Do you seek a forum for discussing how to make your own practice more inclusive? Would you like to present about inclusive teacher education at the annual NYSATE/NYACTE conference? Do you want more advocacy for inclusive projects in schooling and in teacher education?  The SIG is open to any NYSATE member who shares interest in and commitment to the purposes outlined by the SIG.  

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Purposes and Activities

  • Promote the cause of inclusive schooling and inclusive teacher education in New York State;

  • Provide a venue in which teacher educators and interested associates can grow professionally;

  • Support a regional structure among teacher educators, their colleges and universities, and local school partners for collaborative projects related to inclusive teacher education.    


In short, the Inclusive Teacher Education SIG is comprehensive in terms of its focus and supports all learners without exception.  The purposes noted above will support teaching and learning in its broadest sense.

Students Taking Note

History of the SIG

Many teacher educators in New York State participated in the Task Force for Quality Inclusive Schooling (TFQIS) and gathered often in Albany and at the annual NYSATE/NYACTE conference in order to collaborate on projects to improve inclusive schooling and to move inclusive teacher education forward.  The SIG seeks to promote the same levels of energized commitment evident when New York State teacher educators gathered as they worked on TFQIS grant projects.  

Image by Hannah Busing

Contact Us!

SIG President

Faith Muturia, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Education
Education Department

St. Francis College 

SIG Representative

Kim Wieczorek, Ph.D. 

Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department

State University of New York College at Cortland

Links to SIG Meeting Materials

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