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R. Neal Appleby Outstanding Teacher Educator Award

The R. Neal Appleby Outstanding Teacher Educator Award is given by the New York State Association of Teacher Educators (NYSATE) to an outstanding teacher educator who possesses and exhibits the characteristics identified in the ATE standards for Teacher Educators and is dedicated to the ideals by which Neal Appleby lived life as an educator of the highest order.

Neal Appleby was a Renaissance man who loved people, ideas, activity, and teaching.  He was a teacher educator who strove for the education of the whole student.  He was truly concerned with each student as a person.  Neal was a happy, warm, friendly, caring person who took time to talk with people; perhaps more importantly, he took time to listen.  His students spoke of him as that special kind of person who deeply loved teaching and who conveyed that love of teaching to all with whom he worked. The award recognizes a person who has worked to nurture the intellectual, personal, and professional growth and development of teachers at various stages of their professional lives by modeling best practice and contributing scholarship that is related to teaching, learning and /or teacher education.  

Application Process

To nominate someone for this award, submit the following:


• A detailed letter of nomination explaining why this person should be considered for the award using evidence of how the nominee meets the ATE standards listed above;

• A resume or vita of the nominee; and

• Three additional letters of support that speak to how the applicant meets the ATE Standards. At least one of the letters must come from someone outside the individual’s home institution. 

*Please see Review Criteria at the end of this document



Other Requirements


The applicant must be available to receive the award at the Fall NYSATE/NYACTE conference on October 26, 2023.




Nomination packets must be received by Sunday, October 1, 2023. Send nomination materials electronically or by mail to:


Dr. Christine Dawson, NYSATE Past President

Education Department
Siena College
515 Loudon Road
Loudonville, NY 12211

Review Criteria

An Appleby award recipient is a strong advocate for teacher education in New York State. The applicant’s work must include evidence of the following six Association of Teacher Education (ATE) standards:

  1. Models professional teaching practices which demonstrate knowledge, skills and attitudes reflecting best practice.

  2.  Inquires into and contributes to one or more areas of scholarly activity that are related to teaching, learning and /or teacher education.  

  3.  Systematically inquires into and reflects on personal practice and demonstrates commitment to lifelong professional development.

  4.  Provides leadership in developing, implementing and evaluating programs for educating teachers that embrace diversity, are rigorous, relevant, and grounded in best practice.

  5.  Collaborates regularly with school, university, state education department, professional associations, and community representatives to improve teaching, learning and teacher education.

  6. Serves as an informed and critically positive advocate for high quality education for every student, public understanding of educational issues, and excellence in teaching and the preparation of teachers. 

Guiding Questions for Review Process

  • Does the applicant's vitae document their work related to the ATE standards?

  • Do Nomination Letter and Letters of Support provide compelling evidence that the nominee meets/exceeds each of the ATE standards?  

  • Do Letters of Support include at least one letter from outside the nominee’s home institution? 

  • Do Letters of Support reinforce and build on the evidence presented in the nomination letter? 

Note: It is understood that an application might offer stronger evidence in some areas outlined in the six standards than others; however, the materials must include evidence for all standards because this state award is intended to demonstrate that the awardee is a teacher educator who engages in best practice and scholarship, is a reflective and life-long learner, is a leader in program/curriculum development, can effectively advocate for the quality of education learners receive, and understands how to collaborate with various constituencies to accomplish this. 

Previous Awardees

1993: Michael Babcock, Liverpool High School
1994: Gary DeBolt, SUNY Geneseo
1995: Carolyn Young, SUNY Oneonta
1996: Dennis Pataniczek, SUNY Brockport
1997: Mary Lynn Collins, Le Moyne College
1998: Sr. Mildred Haipt, College of New Rochelle
1999: Thomas P. O'Brian, SUNY Binghamton
2000: Sarah Weidler,  Buffalo State College
2001: Dorit H. Kaufman, Stony Brook University
2002: David W. Hursh, University of Rochester
2003: Gerald M. Mager, Syracuse University
2004: Ralph H. Ware, Siena College
2005: Victor Madho, Lehman College
2006: Lucy DiPaola, Mount Saint Mary College
2007: Paul J. Vermette, Niagara University
2008: Annette D. Digby, Lincoln University
2009: Marcia Swiatek, Medialle College
2014: Margaret Egan, College of Mount Saint Vincent
2016: Jerry Rivera-Wilson, University at Albany, SUNY
2017: Kathleen DaBoll-Lavoie, Nazareth College
2020:  Julie Contino, American Museum of Natural History

2023: Nancy Dubetz, Lehman College (on right in photo)

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