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NYSATE/NYACTE Annual Fall 2023 Conference

Gideon Putnam Resort

Saratoga Springs, NY

October 25th - 27th, 2023

Envisioning the Future of Educator Preparation:

Fostering Belonging, Equity, and Excellence

The many changes in the education system implemented during and after the pandemic have demonstrated that educators are extraordinarily resilient and creative. In a matter of days, with everything shut down and a pervasive atmosphere of fear, educators across the state were able to pivot to remote instructional modalities that went far beyond content delivery. Educators and schools found new resources for teaching, new ways to connect with students, new ways to work with families, and new ways to collaborate with each other. Through all of this, educators acted with compassion and grace. We all have stories to tell of the students and families whose lives we touched in important ways as the country was reeling from the effects of the pandemic and its aftermath.

The field of education is now at a point of inflection, where we are looking at the changes in the profession that are here to stay and considering how best to prepare for the future. In 2021, UNESCO published a paper, Futures of Education: A New Social Contract, that places teachers at the center of the new vision for education: “Teachers are key figures on whom possibilities for transformation rest. They, in turn, must recognize the agency of their students…… Supporting teachers’ autonomy, development, and collaboration is an important expression of public solidarity for the futures of education” (p. 80).

Schools continue to be center stage in heated local and national debates, as educators at all levels face challenges to curricula, materials, and pedagogies. From classrooms to school board meetings, stakeholders are grappling with how decisions are made, whose voices are included, and what counts as research or knowledge. These conflicts highlight fundamental questions about the purposes of education and the roles of educators, as well as what it means to engage in civic participation and discourse.


Our 2023 conference features presentations that ask critical questions and provide hopeful solutions to the challenges of the future based on fostering belonging, equity, and excellence for teachers.



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